Utsav Banerjee

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electronic Systems Engineering (within the Division of Electrical Electronic and Computer Sciences) at Indian Institute of Science, where I lead the Secure Intelligent and Efficient Systems (SINESys) research group. My research interests include cryptography, hardware security, digital circuits and embedded systems.

I received my B.Tech. degree in Electronics & Electrical Communication Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (Kharagpur, WB, India) in 2013, and my S.M. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA, USA) in 2017 and 2021 respectively.

During my S.M. and Ph.D. at MIT, I was extremely fortunate to have been a member of the Energy Efficient Circuits & Systems Group supervised by Prof. Anantha P. Chandrakasan. My Ph.D. thesis is titled “Efficient Algorithms, Protocols and Hardware Architectures for Next-Generation Cryptography in Embedded Systems”.

From 2013 to 2015, I was with the Low Power SoC Design team at Qualcomm (Bengaluru, KA, India), where I was involved in the design and validation of power management architectures for next-generation Snapdragon mobile processors.

I was awarded the President of India Gold Medal in 2013, the Irwin Mark Jacobs & Joan Klein Jacobs MIT Presidential Fellowship in 2015, and the Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship in 2016.

Research Interests

  • Cryptography & Hardware Security
  • Digital System Architectures
  • Network Security Protocols
  • Quantum Computation
  • Machine Learning